Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Two For One, or, Frustrating and Fabulous

"You have already heard me say this a few times already, but our collector James Pantages has an incredible eye for art. He also has a kind of innate sort of brilliance art lovers can only dream about. Mr. Pantages always bought the art and not the artist. He could not care less who created the work; if the image did not speak to him he simply moved along.

So here we go again with another anonymous collection highlight. This early midcentury two-sided oil on board painting is a prime example of a "yet to be figured out" unknown talent. Who paints something this amazing and doesn’t sign it? Personally, this makes me crazy, mostly because I love it so much and want to fill in the blanks. So often just knowing who created the work helps to explain subtleties about the picture that may not be so obvious. My friend and art expert Colleen Fesko and I agree it is so far one of our favorites. If anybody has thoughts on who painted this superb abstract please let us know." - Peter Smith