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Welcome all to this, a dedicated website born from The Plymouth Exchange.

The importance of the moment made it clear to me that this is not business as usual.

We are so excited to have been chosen by Mr. Pantages to represent him in the deaccessioning of his jaw dropping, awe inspiring, and beautiful gathering of objects. This collection inevitably will become known as one of the most exciting and varied private assemblies of fine art ever to come to market. Jim has a phenomenal, intuitive sense about art, and only purchased what pleased him. Most every genre and medium are represented in his portfolio - covering a span of more than three centuries.

This is just the beginning of what I believe will be a great adventure for us all. We have recently removed over 1,200 incredibly well-curated objects of art from Mr. Pantages' home - over 15 truckloads worth! I thought it would be important and interesting to art enthusiasts around the world to capture the process along the way.

There is a daunting amount of work to be done to make our commitment of a September 27th, 2018 opening date. But between the incredible talent of my wife Judy, and a few other specialists, we will meet this ambitious goal.

I have hired two of the best-in-the-business to complement our in-house Exchange team. Both have international reputations in the art and antiques trade and are a great fit for this one-in-a-lifetime project. Rebekah Kaufman, our Mistress of Media, is the best there is at getting the word out. Her experience and vast network of contacts and professionals worldwide will serve this collection beautifully. I have also retained the services of someone whom I have known for decades, Colleene Fesko. She is our Queen of The Art World. Known as a long-time appraiser on The Antiques Roadshow, Colleene is considered by many as the best in the country at appraising, authenticating, and attributing fine art from every corner of the globe.

I look forward to the task at hand and working with this intimate group of professionals. Together, we will insure that this collection receives the attention and respect it demands. Expect regular postings, images, and stories to become almost daily to this site. I hope you come along for the ride as we document our finds and continue to tell this remarkable story.

Stay tuned!
Peter Smith