Who Is James Pantages?

James Pantages at 10 years
"Since his early 20’s, Mr. James Pantages of Quincy, Massachusetts followed an ever-winding path in the pursuit of his next great find.  And he was extremely successful at it.  His vast collection of paintings, sculptures, and fine art will be forever known for its quality and expert curation.  Jim is a brilliant man, made evident in his ability to assemble these extraordinary, century-spanning works from around the world.  

Jim has the best eye for buying art that I have ever seen.  He is a quiet, humble man with amazing talent running through his veins.  He is singularly dedicated to the one thing that got him out the door every day - the pursuit, discovery, transaction,  and ownership of beautiful artwork.  Each one of these steps provided great joy and satisfaction to him along the way for almost five decades.  Never over the years he collected did he step off that path that took him to that place - the place where art lives and joy is to be found.

Jim was extremely selective in his purchases, and passed on most every picture he saw.  He had to be moved by it -  and when he was -  he absolutely had to have it.  The amount of effort, time, and financial resources Jim invested into his collection is extraordinary.  But these things energized, not exhausted him. We should all be so lucky to experience the equivalent of Jim's passion, expertise, and sense of accomplishment as we pursue our own interests, dreams, and quests. 

Jim, congratulations on this extraordinary collection.  It is a pleasure and an honor to work with you to share your joy and these beautiful images with the world. I can't imagine a more appropriate time on this planet for both." - Peter Smith