Friday, May 4, 2018

Right Brain Frenzy

"So people have been asking, "What is happening behind the scenes with this collection?" Judy has been working around the clock studying, researching, measuring, photographing, cataloging and entering each example into our inventory system. It's a labor of love, and passion, at the same time.

Here is a sampling of what Judy has been working on the last few days. These three pictures here truly represent the eclectic nature of the collection. Every time I walk into Judy's office, I see images for the first time. This is really exciting, and I find myself eager and delighted each time I find myself in her work space.

Every picture is handled with TLC as it is prepped for the sale. Good thing Judy loves rolling around in art, though by days end she has a real right brain high going on. We are being extremely careful with authentication and have discovered some fakes as well as some very positive surprises. We are so very lucky to have Judy and her rare set of talents working so diligently for this collection." - Peter Smith