Thursday, August 23, 2018

Catch the Spirit

What do you see here? A landscape, certainly. But don't the mountains in the back of the the work also hint of a majestic bird in flight or even a sacred figure? Only the artist, Elliott Daingerfield, knows for sure. This wonderful painting, from the Pantages Portfolio, truly soars to new heights.

Elliott Daingerfield (1859–1932) was an American painter best known for his religious, as well as landscape works. This example in some ways is a hybrid of these two areas. He was born in West Virginia and but grew up and spent much of his life in North Carolina. He completed his art training in New York and studied at the Art Students’ League. Daingerfield traveled to Europe in the late 1890’s where he became very interested in religious themes. He painted the mural in the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin in New York City. Later in his life he began writing about art, authoring several magazine articles as well as artist biographies. He was a full member of the National Academy of Design from 1906 onward. As a favorite son of North Carolina, Daingerfield’s work has been exhibited at the North Carolina Museum of Art and his childhood home in Fayetteville has been made into a local museum.