Friday, May 11, 2018

Cat-aloging With Friends

"So here's a snapshot of some of the daily fun and surprises that the Pantages Portfolio project brings. I am sure nothing like this will ever happen to me again. So to relish this time, I make sure to wade through Judy's studio once in awhile to enjoy the images that I see often for the first time. If you are going to surround yourself in something, let it be art!  

Here you can see Judy examining a joyous (and musical) example of African-American themed art.  I'm not sure of the artist, but I am sure I adore the work! Jim Pantages has a great eye for this category of art, and you can check out other fine African American paintings from his collection in our themed photo gallery.  But if you look closely here, and above, Judy is also consulting our resident feline expert, Lucy, about her impressions of the piece.  

Lucy is also the official Pantages Portfolio keyboard warmer, and measuring tape keeper.  And no one could do it better." - Peter Smith